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The arts of dressage and ballet dance translate into choreographies on the stage within the arena, creating a relationship between the equestrian duo and the dancers, adhering to the peculiarities of the respective arts and proposing tradition in an innovative show.

Dressage and ballet dance are an art form starting from the Renaissance to the present day, they both had a parallel history of stylistic evolution that has grown over time and is linked to the compliance of rules, studied with discipline and rigorously executed.
These translate into choreographies formed by posture, figures and fluid movements within the arena for one and on the stage for the other.
Tripudium proposes a new dance discipline, performed using a classical repertoire, which arises from the confluence of the two artistic expressions, creating a relationship of affinity between the equestrian duo and a corps de ballet enhancing the unprecedented harmony in a trusting meeting space, harmonious, elegant and creative for both.
Horses, Riders and Dancers therefore interpret the same symphony by interacting through a choreography designed to bring the two disciplines closer together, following the peculiarities of the respective art forms and proposing innovative ones.